Friday, 7 October 2011


'Watch And See For Yourself' Do you see any resemblance between the two pictures at the top and the picture I munched from the porn video which is at the side?
I think they look alike, though I strongly doubt that's Ghollywood/ Nollywood actress Nadia Buari, it just doesn't add up, perhaps the video is too short for anyone to determine for certain.
I'm the wrong person to tell you if that's Nadia or not because I only watched the video once and that was a mistake because if I was told it was hard core porn lol... I would have opted out. Nonetheless If you you want to play detective and you think you can handle the sight of it, then by all means watch the video as for ROnline we respect her privacy so if you need links google isn't far fetched. Word is she hasn't reacted to the release of this video, let's see the excuse or comment she might come up with if/ when she eventually does..
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