Friday, 11 November 2011

November's #TrueYBMH :::::: SYFER

Syfer (Real Name : Bade Adesanya) is a familiar name on this blog, his joints CARGS (Can A Rapper Get Some) & Low Key Ft J4our were posted a while back & his most recent single, TAN (Tell A Nigga), thats by the way. ROnline & YBMH presents this month's True YBMH!!! Below is his interview with Me(@MayowaKay), he's one versatile & uber-talented artiste y'all gotta watch-out for.

Mayowa•Kay: Introduce yourself?
​Syfer: Ok, my name is Bade Adesanya aka Syfer, I'm 18years old, currently schooling abroad​
Mayowa•Kay : So, who's syfer? What's your personality like?
​Syfer: Hmm, Syfer is an upcoming rapper, know to be a cool guy, well atleast that's what everyone says, I don't talk too much, more of a silent killer :)
Mayowa•Kay: Why music?

​Syfer: Well I have a thing ƒσя rap music, so I decided to give it a try myself, plus making music gives me this good feeling
Mayowa•Kay : When exactly did you decide to take music seriously?
​Syfer: Last year tbh, I never saw it as a possiblity until just last year
Mayowa•Kay: Considerin' you're in school, how do you balance both music & education?
​Syfer: Its quite simple, I have school time and music time, ofcuz school time being more important at this stage so I try not to let music get in the way of school, although this might occur once in a while so I'm always prepared to cover up and catch up
Mayowa•Kay: Have there been any tough challenges so far?
​Syfer: Yes oh !
Mayowa•Kay : Wanna share ?? ‎​
​Syfer: Before I got a fixed studio, I just used to jump around looking ƒσя studios, that was quite stressful, in fact sometimes the producers were not good so I just used to leave the songs there, and another challenge is actually working with people, some peeps could just be difficult ƒσя no reason, so its quite tasking
​Mayowa•Kay : Asides school & music, what else can I (talking as an individual) find Syfer doing on a normal day?
​Syfer: Ummh I'm on the soccer team at school
‎​Mayowa•Kay : Cool, so what soccer team do you support?
Syfer : ‎​Its chelsea all the way mehn !!!
Mayowa•Kay : Amongst all the artistes you've worked with, who would you say was the best?
Syfer : I have to say its my nigga J4our, we make good music, and we understand each other so its not difficult working with him
Mayowa•Kay : So are you signed to any record label or under any form of management?
Syfer : ‎​I am not signed to any record label yet, but I'm under management, I and j4our, I'm also co-owner of a "movement" called DEFFMUSIC.. 3 recording artist that's Myself, J4our, and Dowe, then 3 non recording artist that's Natayo, Danjuma and Topsy
Mkay :: have you got any mentors in the industry?
Syfer :: ‎​Not the Nigerian industry tho lol
Mkay :: lol
Syfer :: ‎​M.I aint bad tho
Mkay :: ‎​Aii, the likes of J.Cole & Drake; you look up to 'em? Cos I hear alotta young rappers say that
Syfer :: ‎​Exactly, those are my niggas, ‎​Lil wayne, Jay z and kanye too
Mkay :: Let's get to know; what's your favourite meal?
Syfer :: ‎​Loool spaghetti and meat balls
Mkay :: African food????
Syfer :: ‎​I'm sure you can guess I'm not the african food type now lool but I don't semo and "Ogbono" *lol*
Mkay :: lmfao.....The ladies that got mad love for you, how do you handle 'em
Syfer :: ‎​Lol 'how do I handle them'... ‎​Well I just appreciate them; ‎​Btw I'm not that popular yet sef
Mkay :: ‎​True that! Who's the special lady??
Syfer :: lol *lips sealed*
Mkay ::‎​Aii, Aii... So any new project/ joint/ collabo??
Syfer :: ‎​Yup... Alotta, j4our is dropping a single soon, watchout ƒσя that, we have a big joint dropping december with a noticable celeb on it, not saying who , also Quaterbac put I and J4our on his track 'Touch and follow' dropping soon too, and ofcuz my own very own song 'tell A Nigga' still hot shit right now, and I got a mixtape coming out next year, comprising of Noticeable people in the industry also noticeable up coming artist like myself
Mkay :: got any shout-outs, requests or dedications?
Syfer :: ‎​Nahhh fuck erryone *tongue out* I Love My Mom
Mkay :: lastly, what do you have to say about recess (good & bad)
Syfer :: Recess is coolstuff now, showing support to up coming artist, I like that, its good to know we have sites that help us (y) God go make you bigger
Mkay :: Amen, God bless your hustle
Mkay :: thank you for your time
Syfer :: ‎​Appreciate it too

#PS ::: Recess Online Campus Tour.........COMING SOON!!!!!