Friday, 11 November 2011


Kasaskie, real name Abayomi Kasali, is a MC/rapper, singer  and actor of Nigerian origin. Kasaskie was initially introduced to music at a very young age growing up in a music loving family and gradually developed his own style of rapping, a combination of the swing, characteristic of African beats and the free-flowing rap of the nineties. While in school, Kasaskie was known to never miss an opportunity to freestyle to any beat available.
In October 2010, Kasaskie hosted the Nigeria AT Fifty Celebrations
at Famous Landmark Trafalgar square London. The event tagged 10.10.10 powered by Tijani Balogun; prominent UK entertainment guru was attended by 23,000 spectators and boasts of names like Kefee, JJC, Q Hunta and Freestyle. Kasaskie is about to release the video to his single track, titled "Pa Pimping" much to the excitement of his already sizeable army of fans. The single, expected to be a success, with exciting the newfangled sound made by DJ Sleek is certain to gain interest across the world.

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