Friday, 16 March 2012


"Classic rock at heart, yet he has another side called Alternative. His charateristics are rock and roll. Folk is when he has something to say; Rap is when he has a lot to say. His happiness shines through Pop. He laughs through country, He cries through the blues, He dances through Hip Hop, and sings through opera. Ambient-- his nature, techno-- his craziness, R&B-- his love life, classical-- his relaxation, and Gospel-- his religion (which is practiced through reggae, his spirituality). Jazz is his superficiality. Acoustic is when he is best heard, soft rock is when he is best known. His actions are disco. Generally, foreign = his nationality. Renaissance, his history. And if people ever met him, they'd describe him as rhapsody. He is the music. He is Legendary and B'Robby is the name. He is a steady rising R&B artist who has the ability to diversify and is officially signed to Legendary Records. He teams up with steady rhyming SuperStar, Vector Tha Viper to produce magic. "Tatafo" is a song that talks about enemies.. Yeah, we tend to have them alot when we are steady on the rise. Although he is still new to the game, B'Robby had previously released two singles titled "Drinks On Me"& "Shower Down"  It only gets better..."

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