Friday, 16 March 2012


Here it is, the long awaited debut exclusive “Fiobodo” by Pintinz featuring MFactor
(Current Winner of Peak Talent Show). This multi-talented Nigeria based singer has
surely got what it takes to make it to the top as he is being produced & managed by 
one of the world’s most reputable music producers / sound designer: Eminik
(based in England, UK).
 “Fiobodo” is not just the ordinary Nigerian music that you might expect it to be, it 
carries a new style of music known as Electro-Gbedu, which is a combination of 
Nigerian Afrobeats/Gbedu with Electro-House. It is one of the most incredible 
inventions of Eminik who is a music guru on the beats.
 Without no further do, Its time for Africa to stand up for what we call International
 Standard Music. This is a massive step and a good beginning for Pintinz.

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