Sunday, 5 August 2012

LIFESTYLE ::::: I Dislike Guys After Sleeping With Them

Please I need an honest solution. The first issue is I don’t know how to love, I am perfect at pretending so most times my partner never finds out. Secondly, I have always been scared of marriage and being someone who thinks deeply, I realize after having sex with a particular guy for a while I begin to dislike him and I get bored with the relationship even when such guy loves me with his life. It is an unconscious thing on my part and has led me to thinking that if I get married I will begin to hate or get bored with my spouse after a while. I am in my late 20s and a graduate and please I really love sex but I don’t know why I behave like this and as a result I have broken off many relationship. Unfortunately I am a type of lady that always has guys flocking around her and also good on bed that even when I try to make the guy not have sex with him as to avoid hating him, he will pester me or rape. Help please!


  1. Whao,u need spiritual help..Apart from that,Were u abused as a kid,Physcological trauma might be the reason for this...Try and talk 2 a therapist..Give up pretending it won't help a bit...I Hope u find solutions..i offered a lil bit tho..Safe Life Ahead :D

  2. abeg abeg no mind lady hahaa.. go ahead n enjoy ur sex life. hell is ur place *shrugs*