Sunday, 5 August 2012

Goldie Says 'Ex-Lover', Prezzo Would Win $300,000 BBA Stargame Prize

Tension is gradually building up as the 91-day Big Brother Africa Stargame season seven wraps up today, Sunday, August 5, 2012. It is now a game of tactics, luck and voters' choice as anybody from the remaining six housemates; Lady May, Prezzo, Wati, Keagan, Kyle and Talia can be 300,000 US dollars richer by tomorrow.
Ousted contestant, Goldie Harvey, who only spent 70 days before being kicked out of the show, has revealed who she tips to be the winner of the game.
Interestingly, she picked her BBA 'lover', Prezzo as the possible winner. Giving reasons for that, the Nigeria's Lady Gaga said Prezzo is tactical and knows how to play the game well, which the essential of winning the competition.
According to Goldie, "Prezz has played the game to a T. Master in chess and draft, every move is calculated. Every action, every word. He's a genius. An enigma. People love him, people love to hate him. He's controversial. He's a star.
"In terms of playing the 'Game', he's aced it. Let's not also forget that Prezzo has survived nominations four times consecutively. (Strong character)."

She also tipped Lady May and Keagan as other possible contenders.

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  1. LOOOL d babalawo wey do am d juju neva sabi finish abi why he no win na