Sunday 5 August 2012


We are developing a creative method of affecting the lives of our target audience, which is the youth, through health. Diabetes is a fatal and very deadly ailment affecting a lot of youths in our society even without these people knowing. What can we do to get these set of nation builders aware of this issue?
Thus Tush Awards. You still don't see the Connection?


Using a very loved medium of day to day event to get people aware of the
deadly health complications which is evident in our society and hereby
saying No to the spread and growth of this silent killer. Available statistics shows that "1 out of every 5 youths in Nigeria has varying degrees of Diabetes with more than 80 percent not knowing". We need to work together towards an enlightenment campaign, eradication of this and at the same time creating an atmosphere of awards and encouragement of our youths towards a more productive society.

We decided to infuse the effect of an all youths gathering to spread the
awareness and more self recognition of the various facts that needs to be
avioded and done to surpress, limit and eradicate this endemic.


Towards a diabetes free nation filled with energetic, innovative, aggressive and positively competent youths more concerned about the development and improvement of the society in which they live in.

Tush Awards 2011

Like you know, Tush Awards 2011 had the Liberty Hall, Lekki as the venue.
An unfortunate accident that happened hours to the event left the organizers with no option. Imagine having prepared so long and on the day of the event, such happens. We have come to realize that everything lies in God's hands thus our resolve to get the last year awards distributed to respective winners in this month of September. Starting from September 1, you can proceed to any of the underlisted offices to collect your award with proper identification. If also, you are a previous edition winner, and haven't collected your plaque, please you are included. For a full list of Last Year award winners, you can check
our fan page on facebook (Tush Awards Inc), our blog ( or our various partner websites. As our normal practice, we are delaying the opening of our website till the ending of
August so as to shift away the focus on our website for now and to encourage checking of our blogs, fanpage and also encourage online movement to the partner websites. Our official website ( and ( will be
opened September 1 in preparation for voting that will start October 2012.

@TushAwards (Twitter), Tush Awards Inc (Facebook) and

Tush Awards 2012

This year's edition will see a total of 50 awards being distributed all across the youth age range. The breakdown is as outlined.

Student Categories

This is going to be a 25 kneenly contested categories which is for students in various tertiary institutions in the country. We are encouraging the
participation of students from all tertiary institutions in the country as against our practice of only the Universities. This is to be able to affect more youthful souls and get access to a larger number of audience.

The only criteria for this category is to be a registered student of any higher learning institution in Nigeria.

You can check our various partner websites for the full categories as from
August 6.

Nomination starts August 8.

Youth Entertainment Categories

This will be a 15 kneenly contested categories which is for Non-Student
Professionals, Student Celebrities and Youth Entertainers in the society.
This includes categories like Youth Blogger of the Year, Best Use of Social
Media, Best Youth Comedian, Best New Act (Music), Song of the Year, DJ of
the Year, Best Youth Act (Music and Movie) amongst others. This is a
Celebrities Category.

The Criteria for this category is an age range not exceeding 30 years and with obvious impact in the society in whichever cadre you belong.

Recognition Awards

This is an industry based award(s) which is segmented into 5 specific
areas. The awards is meant for the top organizations and individuals
impacting positively on the morals and development of the youths in the
society. This is a way of telling them their effort towards a productive society is being recognised and appreciated.

The 5 areas are:

1. Business (Banking, Public Service and Governance)

2. Music

3. General Entertainments

4. Cause

5. Health

Role Model Awards

This is an award for the matured people in the society that serves as Role
Models to youths in the society. These are the set of people the youths
look up to in every area of the society. There are 5 categories for the
Role Model Awards which includes:

1. Music

2. Movie

3. Politics

4. Religious Issue

5. Science and Technology


Nominations for this year's Tush all youths Awards starts August 2012 through our shortcode. You are required to send text to our shortcode in this stated format.

"Tush(space)Category of Nomination(space)Name of Nominee"

Send in the above format to 32070

"Check our blog (, facebook page (Tush Awards Inc), twitter page (@TushAwards) and all our partner websites for all the various categories for nomination"

Voting will be through website and text.


Talk is undergoing with some corporate outfits towards partnering with this
year's edition and there is still room for more outfits if interested.

TDA Multimedia

This is the parent company that has Tush Awards as one of its products. It was established 2006 and fully registered. Other products of the company includes but not limited to :

De Pearl Magazine, Inside, Issues and FashionPolice (all Registered under
the CAC laws).

Head Office: No 6, Imaam Ligali Street, Ogudu, Lagos.

For more info, 08057177331, 08169420643
Tush Awards 2012 comes up dis November. Are U ready to mention and be mentioned?